Quality Conformance

One of Sintavia’s greatest strengths is its adherence to a world-class aerospace quality management system, allowing it to develop and certify printed systems for use in aerospace, space and defense applications. 


The backbone of this process is Sintavia’s in-house metrology and NDT capabilities.

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Metrological scanning, both on the surface and internally, is a key part of ensuring quality production. 


Sintavia’s in-house scanning capabilities include both an industrial CT scanner, CMMs and blue light scanners. Sintavia uses its non-contact blue light 3D scanners to accurately measure millions of points on a part to capture part sizes, surfaces, finishes and geometries for dimensional inspection.

Sintavia’s Nikon industrial CT scanner with both 225 kV and 320 kV x-ray sources analyze:

Porosity to determine density, void size and distribution of the AM parts

Part to CAD Comparison

Wall Thickness
Part to Part Comparison
First Article Inspection
Read a joint case study exploring in-situ monitoring and CT scanning data.

Non-Destructive Testing

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, QC Laboratories, Inc., Sintavia offers certified NDT services to its customers worldwide including:

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
2D Digital Radiography
Shop X-Ray, Magnaflux
Eddy Current
Ultrasonic X-Ray
Magnetic Particle
Welding Inspection

Special Process Corporate Approvals