Propulsion Systems
Product Examples:

  • Thrust chamber assemblies
  • Electric windings and stators
  • Attitude thrusters

Demand Verticals:

  • Commercial space launch
  • Hypersonic propulsion
  • Electric/hybrid flight

Proprietary Material Parameters Used:

  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Niobium

Performance Improvements:

  • 6x reduction in product development time
  • 80% reduction in development cost
  • Up to 30% geometry-driven performance improvement

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About Sintavia

Sintavia is a designer and additive manufacturer of PTMS components and subsystems to Aerospace & Defense OEMs. Through the use of its own applied additive technology—proprietary designs, material parameters, manufacturing processes, and quality systems—we support a new generation of air, sea, and space vehicles. Our products include rocket thrust chamber assemblies, high performance heat exchangers, thermodynamic chassis, advanced cooling systems, and complex combustion chambers.