Powder Analysis

Before any production build, each batch of new powder is analyzed on-site by Sintavia. This is a critical step for success. 

Size distribution, chemical composition, and powder porosity are all important factors in ensuring a successful and optimal outcome. 

Powder Analysis

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Before a run, powder it is tested to ASTM and company specifications.

PSD per ASTM B822 using laser diffraction analyzer
SEM morphology and microscopic analysis
ICP-OES per ASTM B215 
Gas analysis of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon  
Tap density per ASTM B527  
Flowmeter testing per ASTM B213 

Sintavia uses powder from approved suppliers and that is tested for conformance upon arrival. 

The company is not aligned with any one powder source, giving Sintavia’s customers the flexibility to choose their preferred powder. Review the Materials Guide for more information about metal powders.