Post Processing

Although PBF parts come out of the machines with a remarkable near net shape, post-processing is often involved to meet critical dimensions and/or surface finishes. 

Sintavia utilizes a wide array of finishing methods to meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

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Post-processing machining and finishing is determined by customer request. Sintavia’s in-house machining and finishing equipment include:

Mitsubishi wire EDM

3-axis Bridgeport

5-axis VMC
Vacuum Heat Treatment
Klaeger VBS 600 3D Band Saw
Quintus Hot Isostatic Press
Wet and Dry Blasters

Stress Relief and Removing Porosity 

For most critical applications, particularly those in the aerospace industry, hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and vacuum heat treatment are required to remove porosity of the finished part, increase ductility, and reduce fatigue damage. Sintavia operates both a hot isostatic press and a vacuum heat treatment furnace in-house.  

All parts must be removed from the build plate after production, and the easiest way to do so is through a wire electric discharge machine (EDM). Sintavia uses in-house stress relief oven and an in-house Mitsubishi wire EDM to perform these tasks.