Sintavia is the independent leader for AM production of precision metal systems, including high pressure ducts, flow control valves, and heat exchangers for Aerospace, Defense, & Space OEMs worldwide.

As the implementation rate of AM accelerates through the aerospace industry, Sintavia has emerged as the early leader for AM production of key product categories including critical fluid control systems.

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On its thirty-two high-speed machines, Sintavia is currently manufacturing with Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum alloys and other proprietary powders.

Sintavia’s 55,000 ft2 production facility was built around lean production principles, one of the very first AM factories of its kind to do so.

Eight EOS M400-4 laser machines
Two EOS M400-1 laser machines
Five EOS M290 laser machines
Two AMCM M4K-4 laser machines
One TRUMPF TruPrint 3000 laser machine
Three SLM Solutions 280HL twin laser machines
Four Concept Laser M2 Dual laser machine
Three Arcam Q20+ electron beam machines
Four Arcam A2x electron beam machine


For most critical applications, particularly those in the aerospace industry, hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and vacuum heat treatment are required to remove porosity of the finished part, increase ductility, and reduce fatigue damage.

Sintavia operates both a hot isostatic press and multiple vacuum heat treat furnaces in-house. After stress relief, all parts must be removed from the build plate after production, and Sintavia uses wire electric discharge machines and bandsaws for this task.


Although powder bed fusion parts come out of the machines with a remarkable near net shape, post-processing is often involved to meet critical dimensions and/or surface finishes. 

Sintavia utilizes a wide array of final machining methods to meet or exceed customers’ expectations. The company uses multi-axis vertical machine centers, lathes, and traditional mills – all on site – to machine final tolerances.

Surface Finishing

Sintavia is a global leader in the development and implementation of surface finish techniques and processes that conform to aerospace quality standards.

Sintavia’s surface finishing equipment includes wet and dry blasters, multi-vibrating systems, disk finishers and exude hones. 

Sintavia is a vertically-integrated AM operation, with printing, furnacing, machining, and surface finishing machines and tools all located on-site.