Advanced Manufacturing

Sintavia uses a Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) AM process to produce production quality metal parts.
PBF has the ability to produce precise and intricate geometries in a layer-by-layer fashion without the typical tooling needed in conventional subtractive machining processes. A laser or electron beam is used to accurately melt a bed of very fine powder particles into shapes and geometries that lead to state-of-the-art fully optimized designs.

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On its nine high-speed machines, Sintavia is currently manufacturing with Nickel, Titanium, and Aluminum alloys and other proprietary powders.

One EOS M400-4 laser machine
One EOS M400-1 laser machine
One EOS M290 400W laser machine
One TRUMPF TruPrint 3000 laser machine
Three SLM Solutions 280HL 400W twin laser machines
One Concept Laser M2 400W laser machine
One Arcam Q20+ electron beam machine

These designs can offer substantial weight savings and performance in modern aerospace advanced component and assembly design. Each design is manufactured from electronic data generated from CAD files making it a fully direct digital manufacturing process.

Since the design is controlled directly from a CAD file, PBF can produce parts that were at one time impossible to manufacture by conventional processes such as cutting, grinding and drilling.

The design is only limited by a designer’s creative abilities. Features such as conformal cooling inserts, functional integration, complex geometries, lattice networks and hollow members are now produced with considerable ease via the PBF process.

Since it is all accomplished in an additive fashion instead of a subtractive fashion, AM offers reduced material waste and lower life cycle energy use while offering highly sustainable designs.

On its nine high-speed machines, Sintavia is currently manufacturing with Nickel, Titanium and Aluminum alloys and other proprietary powders. See the Materials Guide for more information about powders.